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If you have just purchased or adopted your puppy, one of the most basic puppies training tips you need to know is how to potty train your puppy. Forget about training your new puppy to obey your commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘fetch’ at this point in time. Why? Because if you do not want to return home everyday to clean up your puppy’s mess, then you better ensure that you apply whatever potty training puppy tips you have learnt from day one!

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Potty Training Puppy

Before your puppy is effective potty trained, make sure you keep it away from your carpet and other wooden furniture. Only when it is able to eliminate its waste in the designated area do you allow it more freedom to roam your house. If you are wondering how long it will take for your puppy to be effective potty trained, it depends on the breed of your puppy. I have personally heard of puppies which take up to 3 months to be well trained but my own puppies took less than 1 month, so it all depends. Using the potty training puppy tips below will also help you to train your puppy more effectively and quickly. They are the exact tips I used when I trained my puppies.

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4 Important Tips For Effective Training!

1. Suitable venue

When you first bring your new puppy home, it will not know where it is supposed to dispose its waste. It is important that you decide on the puppy toilet right from the start for the simple reason that you cannot re-train it to use a different toilet after some time! Preferably, the toilet should be somewhere outdoors. If that cannot be done, train your puppy to use the same toilet that you use. However, if you decide to train your puppy to potty on newspapers, then you run the risk of it eliminating its waste on any newspapers that you might have accidentally left lying around in your house!

2. Consistent training

By consistent training, I’m referring to not changing the ‘toilet’ and also to check on your puppy every time it needs to potty. At the beginning, you need to check your puppy each time it dispose its waste. If it make a mistake, do not get angry with it or hit it. You can give it a light tap on its bottom and bring it to the correct potty immediately. Only then will it realize that it has made a mistake and learn the correct potty place.

Thus, for faster effect in potty training your puppy, you should be at home at all times during the first few months. A puppy is like a very young child; you cannot correct its mistake if you only find out about it a few hours later. Only by correcting it immediately can you see better results.

3. Best timing for the training

The best time to carry out potty training for your puppy is right after its meals. Thus if you are home, you can take your potty outdoors or to the toilet after its meals in the morning and at night. It is vital to leave a bowl of water for it all day long but you should remove the dish of food after your puppy had its fill during its meal times. You should make it a point to feed your puppy at the same time every day so that it has a proper routine. It will also learn to anticipate potty times as after meal times.

4. Positive re-enforcement

I should say that this is the most important potty training puppy tip of all because your puppy will grow up to be a happy and healthy dog only if it has lots of positive re-enforcements. Shower your puppy with lots of love and be very patient with it. Be prepared that there will be accidents but do not get angry or spank it. Instead, reward it with lots of praises when it manages to potty at the correct place. Do not expect to get results overnight or even for the first few months.

Where we are today

If you apply the above potty training puppy tips, you will be able to get your desired results over time but you need to be very patient and loving. Once your puppy is well-trained, you will have a very clean pet whose company you can get to enjoy for life so it is well worth the time and patience you put in now. Have fun!

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